Your Mother and Grand Mother were right:  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Insert Mother & Grand Mother smiling and nodding, with a certain sense of "I told you so" topping the vision.  Yeah, they had it right all along.  And they knew as well that a sweet, sugary bowl of cereal or a boxed pastry with some sort of oddly flavored jelly was not good for you either.  They had eggs and bacon or ham on their minds when they thought breakfast.  Protein and other nutrients, not sugar.

Then cereals companies and cookie makers got in on the Breakfast Bandwagon!  Empty carbs and more empty carbs disguised as a "hearty breakfast".  Sigh... no wonder children are fidgety in school.  Too much sugar and not enough protein and real nutrients.  Our brains need protein to function correctly.  Plus wheat and sugars bog our brains down, we get foggy, confused, sleepy when we consume too much grain and sugar.

Now Fast Food giants, Coffee Shops and every convenience store has some sort of "breakfast" offering.  And we grab them on the way to work or play, liking the flavors and not thinking about the calories, chemicals, preservatives and carbs!  So I ask you as you are reaching for that breakfast donut, bagel, taco, muffin or juice concoction:  What's in Your Breakfast?  

Have you dared to look?  Are you the least bit curious?  How does your breakfast stack up? How about the calories?  It is non-GMO sourced?  How is the fat content?  Fiber? Sugar?  Go ahead, take a peek.  Well, sit down first, then peek!  Be on the safe side.  

How did it go?  Does your favorite breakfast have these equivalent nutrients?   Protein in 4 Eggs,  Fiber in 1 cup each of Broccoli, Cauliflower and Pineapple, Calcium of 2 cups of Milk, Vitamin D of 10 ounces of Tuna and the Leucine of 5 ounces of Chicken Breast?  And all for less than $3 per meal?

No....not there, huh... maybe it is time to make a small step towards a better breakfast.  Join me in a Shaklee Life Shake each morning.  Great way to start the day.  And easy to mix with fresh or frozen fruits, peanut butter, nuts, flavorings of your choice and whatever else you like.  You deserve a great start to your day!  Visit my e-commerce site for more information and to order today.




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