A Life of Deprivation  My daughter thinks I live a deprived life since I don't eat spicy foods.  Never liked to have my tongue burn while my nose runs and I lose taste sensation in my mouth.  Not my idea of good food, but there are those who would argue with me! And losing weight brings thoughts of being deprived, a life of deprivation, of giant voids in "good" food.  Not so, I say.  Read on!

Find your "why" when you commit to shedding a few pounds.  What will motivate you through those moments when your favorite food is "calling".  Is it to have more energy to play with the kids or grand kids?  Is it to lower your blood pressure so you can live a long healthy life?  Is it to avoid diabetes and all the sorrow that disease brings?  Is it to see a  smile on your spouse's face when you feel better?  Find that why!

Choose the correct program.  I have talked a lot lately about joining the "I'm in for 10" Challenge from Shaklee, the correct program for losing any amount of weight.  The idea of losing 10 pounds in 3 months, feeling better and looking better is a good thing.  Of course, there are plenty who will decide that 10 pounds is not enough, so they will make the commitment to shed more pounds.  Losing 1 to 2 pounds of fat per week is the healthy way to get healthier.  The Shaklee 180 program has all the tools, recipes, rewards, clinical proof and years of success, and a wonderful product that works!  Visit  Elise.MyShaklee.com Healthy Weight tab, for more information and to join me in the Challenge!

A life of deprivation.  When we think about weight loss, everyone thinks about the things they will have to give-up.  Deprived.  That is how most of us think of weight loss.  Depriving us of the things we "love", want or crave.

Yes, the outcome of weight loss can deprive us of certain things.  We may have to give up our cholesterol medication.  We may have to give up our blood pressure medication.  We may have to give up our diabetes medication.  We may have to give up being a couch potato and play with the kids or grand kids since we now have energy.   We may have to give up liver and kidney medications.  Yes, we may develop a life of deprivation.  But it is ok with me not to have a sackful of medications to take each day, to not feel bad, to not have to avoid ice cream and cookies because of medical issues.  I may not chose to eat them everyday, but I can eat them without worrying about being ill! I will live that kind of deprived life!

So find your Why, choose the Shaklee 180 Program and live a life without!  Join me and choose health and life. 



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