My son, who is now 20 months old, spent the first 13 months of his life in and out of the Doctor's office with recurrent ear infections, pneumonia, and RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus). RSV is a very common virus that leads to mild, cold-like symptoms in adults and older healthy children. It can be more serious in young babies, especially to those in certain high-risk groups.

We received misdiagnoses of reflux, dysphoria and "over reactive mother".  Not giving up on my mother's instinct, I saw an allergist and at 13 months old he was diagnosed with life threatening allergies to several different foods.

I started researching WHY this happened to us when food allergies are unheard of in our family.  In my research I cam across Shaklee* products.  I received product information from a Shaklee Independent Distributor, like Elise, who helped me develop a custom plan for my son.

In the first week on Shaklee's Optiflora, my son's "mystery hives" disappeared.  Within two months he was having normal bowel movements.  We also noticed that while other kids in daycare were coming down with cold after cold and virus infections including strep throat, he was the ONLY one in daycare NOT getting sick!

This was profound because he was always getting sick before.  No more colds, NOT ONE ear infection, not even a cough since starting Shaklee products.  The best part is that he has eliminated ONE of his life threatening allergies!  I am looking forward to his next allergy visit as we will be doing additional food challenges.  None of this would have been possible prior to starting the Shaklee Products.

He is on these Shaklee Supplements daily:  Incredivites (2 per day), Mighty Smarts (1 per day), Zinc Complex (1), Alfalfa Complex (3 per day), B Complex (1 per day), NurtiFeron (1 per day), Optiflora (1 per day), Vitamin C (1per day), Cal-Mag (1), and we have also added One Teaspoon of Vivix Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic each day.

I put the non-chewable vitamins in a baggie, crushing them with a meat tenderizer kitchen tool.  I mix the crushed vitamins into his grape juice and offer it too him first thing in the morning when he is thirsty.  I will also disguise it at times in applesauce or a Cinch Protein Shake.

Update:  Just yesterday he accidentally ate a small piece of a donut. The donut had egg in it and a peanut warning.  Normally a mistake like this would have sent him into full blown anaphylactic shock.  He had NO REACTION AT ALL!!!!

I kept him home for a few hours looking for the typical signs of hives, vomiting, breathing difficulties, sleepiness etc.  Normally it hits him right away, the instant it touches his lips.  But NOTHING!!!

I am anxious to confirm this with his Doctor through more allergy tests.  I do NOT recommend or suggest that anyone intentionally test problem foods on their kids--leave this to the doctors.

Everyone tells me it is NOT possible to heal your child from food allergies.  I refuse to believe it! I know he is being healed!
Deena C.

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