Lindsay’s Journey from Autism and ADHD

My daughter, Lindsay, was born 11 weeks early weighing in at 2 pounds 11 oz, Nov. 3 2001. She was born with duodenal atresia, which is a congenital bowel obstruction. She also had mal-rotated bowels and her appendix was on the wrong side of her body. Eighteen hours after birth she had a portion of her bowel removed and an appendectomy. Shortly after her surgery she became very sick and we almost lost her. She was in renal failure and had blood poisoning in her system. She developed a bleed in her brain and was diagnosed with communicating hydrocephalus (swelling in the brain).

At 13 months old, she started having seizures and was placed on medication for epilepsy. It wasn’t until this age that she finally began crawling and sitting herself up on her own. She didn’t take her first steps until she was 22 months old. At the age of 3, Lindsay only had three words in her vocabulary (eat, more and please-all communicated through sign language) and she continued to be very developmentally delayed.

She had received in home Occupational, Physical and Speech therapies as well as other special education services since she was 4 months old. When she turned 3 she was enrolled into a special ed preschool. At the age of 5, Lindsay was diagnosed with ADHD and put on Ritalin. She was also diagnosed as being Autistic, due to her poor language development, lack of social skills as well as her poor fine motor abilities. She had difficulty transitioning from one task to another, poor eye contact, was unable to play with toys or others and would COMPLETELY meltdown if her routine changed in the slightest bit.

Lindsay also has a diagnosis of chronic constipation which dates back to birth. Lindsay used to have bowel movements often approaching 2 inches in diameter and 6-12 inches in length. She was scared to death of the toilet because it hurt so much to sit and go. She couldn’t verbalize any of this to us and she would bite, hit, scream, kick or scratch us with any attempts to potty train for Bowel Movements. Lindsay had been on large doses of prescription laxatives daily for years to assist with her constipation issues.

When Lindsay had been placed on Ritalin, she lost a lot of weight due to the side effect of loss of appetite. She dropped from the 80th% in weight to the 40th%. She was almost skin and bones, her eyes and cheeks were sunken in. In order to gain back her weight, her specialist at the University of Michigan Hospital recommended a 2500 calorie diet to gain weight and 50 fluid ounces per day to keep her bowels in check! Lindsay wouldn’t eat or drink…how was I supposed to get that into her. I asked our Pediatricians office for some help to find good, yummy protein and vitamins. They recommended I contact a Shaklee Distributor (like Elise). What an answer to prayer!!!*

I started Lindsay on Shaklee Supplements the end of October in 2007. We started her out with CitriBoost, Lecithin and Optiflora, Herb-lax when needed, and as much [Energizing/Cinch/Instant] Protein as I could (she was a very picky eater). I had to hide all her vitamins in her food; I had to be very sneaky!

Approximately one week after starting this routine, Lindsay carried out her first conversation with me! In the next few weeks, her eye contact improved and she was coming out of her shell. She started to want to be a part of the crowd and began to have fun, instead of shying away or melting down. She was fully included into the general education Kindergarten classroom and at this time reports of classroom behavior changed after she started her vitamin routine. Family members said that it was like a light bulb had just clicked on inside her brain. She was even making eye-contact with strangers. Her doctor’s took her off all her prescription laxatives as well as her ADHD medication at this time.

As of July, 2009, Lindsay is OFF all medications for ADHD, constipation, epilepsy and Asthma. That’s right, off all of them! We haven’t done a breathing treatment in over 22 months and counting! We used to do at least one per week and every four hours when she had a runny nose.

Lindsay is now 7 years old and talking like crazy, she doesn’t stop. She asks questions and answers them. Her reading skills are way above her cognitive ability. She is even reading stories to her brothers. She is now completely potty trained with an occasional bowel movement smear.

Her writing is improving and her attention to task improves yet still has a way to go. She is playing for short periods of time with her brothers, friends as well as toys/dolls appropriately. We still have many ups and downs, but Lindsay has come so far in a year and a half that the ups outweigh the downs 1,000,000 to 1. She has been on only 1 antibiotic since starting Shaklee, and any cold or flu lasts the bare minimum.

Another amazing step is that she is crushing up her own vitamins, putting them in her applesauce and eating them independently!!! We rarely struggle with her vitamins anymore! Yes, I still have to sneak her Lecithin and her pearl (Optiflora), but her Osteomatrix, Stress Relief, Incredivites(ShakleeKids Multi Vitamin Minerals), Mental Acuity, B-Complex she does herself!! She begs me for Defend & Resist (Immune) .

She LOVES the new Mighty Smart(From ShakleeKids, a DHA chew) and will even take the Omega-guard squirted into orange juice without complaint. She knows it makes her feel better and calms her brain and body down. She even makes her own shakes now too. What a miracle! I hate to think if we would have never tried Shaklee what her outcomes would have been, but because of the grace of God and Shaklee we now have a happy-go-lucky, outgoing, sweet, little girl.

 We are now a Shaklee family! We are all healthier due to our daily supplements and from Shaklee-izing our home. I feel great, I have a lot of energy, and I have lost 21 pounds and 19 ½ inches with CINCH. I have done a pretty good job at staying healthy. I came down with what the Doctor’s swore was strep throat this past spring, but the strep tests came back negative. I never did come down with strep; my body was able to fight it on its own. Shaklee has pulled me out of any cold I have had this fall and winter where my coworkers had missed work and needed antibiotics to recover!

I am an occupational Therapy Assistant working full time in the schools; I have three children, Lindsay and 5 year old twin boys. I run a summer program for children with all abilities in our county. When everything started happening with Lindsay, people noticed the difference and were amazed with the new Lindsay. Many wanted to know more about Shaklee and people began signing up to be members (talk with Elise Hearn).

Thank God for Shaklee or I would probably not have the energy to get out of bed in the morning to face a new day!

Amy & Steve

Lindsay takes:
CitriBoost (vitamins & probiotic, etc)
Lecithin (brain health)
Optiflora  (probiotic)
Herb-lax (constipation)
Energizing Soy Protein
Instant Soy Protein
Cinch Shake (Soy or whey protein meal replacements)
Mighty Smarts  (DHA for children)
Incredivites   (mulitvitamin minerals)

x (Calcium & Vitamin D)
Stress Relief
Mental Acuity Plus (Focus and memory)
Omega-Guard Omega 3's
Defend & Resist (for the occasional tickle in the back of the throat, not for daily use)

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