The Wonders of Ritalin from Beth S.

My son had been on Ritalin for two and a half years. He instantly became a good student.  He was no longer in trouble all the time and had the ability to sit still and focus. He said "okay" when asked to perform simple tasks, and "thank you" and "I'm sorry".  Our lifestyle as a family changed drasticallyand the constant tension was eased.

By the end of two and one-­‐half years, what began as a "miracle drug" ended as a personality-­‐altering nightmare. It became a sedative for a short time, but when it began to wear off, our son would become explosive. One when hewas in rage of frustration and anger, I asked him what was wrong, and all hecould say, in fits of tears and thrashing, was "I don't know, Mommy!! I don't know!!!"  He was nine  year old then.

Then the Lord brought a new friend into my life. She was a very experiencedmother of four boys -­‐ two of whom were taking Shaklee Supplements for ADHD.  My husband and I decided to try the same program they were using.

To summarize, our son is now able to be the person god made him to be.  We came to know a boy we had never had the opportunity to know before.  Not only did his creativity come back, but a thoughtful kind of insightful attitude accompanied it.  There is a depth in him that the "focus" of the medication limited.  Ritalin kept him focused, but very shallow.  He is now free to think and express himself in delightful and deeply thoughtful ways. He remains active but his need for physical expression is minor compared to what we have gained.

By the way, until we began the Shaklee Supplements, he and his brothers were in the doctor's office at least once every 6 weeks for some ailment.  In the last three years, we have been to the doctor one time!   Thank you Shaklee!!  Beth S. 

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