There are many people who deal with the effects of Diabetes each day.  Our friend Russ has found a way to positively effect his body through good natural nutritional supplements from Shaklee.  Our diets are often deficient in the very nutrients our body needs for optimum health.  A healthy diet (eating correctly), exercise and wise supplementation can make the difference between a healthy, happy life or a life of illness and despair.

Shaklee VitalizerFrom Kristine:

My husband, Russ, believes in Shaklee Vitalizer Gold! Russ added Vitalizer Gold specifically since it contains CoQHeart (CoEnzymeQ10) to give additional support in managing inflammation since he takes statin drugs for his heart condition.

Russ also uses Shaklee’s Alfalfa Complex as his major go-to choice to support his system in getting off prednisone. He has been prednisone free for over 6 months now!

Russ also deals with diabetes as well and the Vitalizer Gold is keeping him off further medications such as Gabapentin, that are used to control neuropathy. When prescribed this med, Russ wanted to try something without side effects and could build health, since being on Vitalizer Gold, he has Happy Feet! Kristine W. IA




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