90 Year Old Gets Help With Vivix

My Mom will be 90 years old in November. She and my Dad have been using Shaklee products for more than 25 years. They don’t take a lot, but they have been consistent with what they do take. Vita Lea, OsteoMatrix, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and sometimes NutriFeron.

Shaklee Vivix Liquid Dietary SupplementAs with many elderly, my Mom started showing signs of short term memory loss 4 to 5 years ago. Very slow progression but nevertheless real, along with a general slowing down mentally and physically. She basically just wanted to sit around, take multiple naps during the day and didn’t seem to be motivated to get involved in daily activities, especially cooking. I think she got confused where things were in the kitchen.

 Last fall I took them a month supply of Vivix Liquid Dietary Supplement and they began taking it right away. Toward the end of my two week stay, I was in the kitchen starting dinner when my Mom came in and picked up a potato peeler and began helping me. That may not sound like much but really it was huge. That hadn’t happened in a long time.

Over the last year, after taking it and not taking it, I now send it to them in England regularly. Not only does my Mom LOVE Vivix, but my Dad, who is never easy to convince of anything, is a firm believer that Vivix is making a noticeable difference.

My Mom is so much more involved and engaged in all around her, including helping my Dad with the cooking. She even will initiate activities herself now. This is a huge improvement and I can tell the difference in her when we speak on the phone. I return in September for another visit and am excited to see even further improvement.Shaklee's 100% Money Back Guarantee

 - Anthea T.

Vivix is backed by Shaklee's 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Vivix helps with:

1. Cell Defense   2. Cell Energy   3. Cell Repair   4. Cell Performance

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