Shaklee has partnered with Elite Athletes of all types throughout our history. From Olympic Athletes to Professional Golfers to Iron Man competitors, Shaklee Sports Nutrition Shaklee Sports Nutritonpowers the best of the best. Put the Best In.  Bring the Best Out.

Shaklee formulates all products without ingredients listed on the 2010 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List.  Shaklee products are science based, proven safe and effective. Multiple studies have confirmed the products safety and efficacy.  Many of these studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as JAMA, Applied Physiology and The FASEB Journal.

In the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Shaklee powered 17 Elite Athletes.  These Elite Athletes, mostly on the Olympic Ski and Snowboard Team, won a total of 21 Medals.  The USA won a total of 37 Medals in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Shaklee powered over half of the 37 US Medals!  Shaklee powered 21 out of 37 Medals.

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I had the honor and privilege to meet 2010 Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Bill Demong.  Bill won his Gold Medal in the Nordic Combined Ski competition, the first American to win a Gold in Nordic Combined! 

Bill, an outdoor enthusiast, spends hours on intense training.  Bill DemongIn the summer, he bikes for up to seven hours a day (he said at least 100 miles!), relying heavily on Shaklee Performance® and other Shaklee products. “I use Shaklee products exclusively as part of my daily routine,” he says. “I like Shaklee Vitalizer™ because it’s in one easy packet. I also take Defend & Resist Complex to help keep my immune system up, especially during all the travel.*” He adds, “I trust Shaklee to help supplement my nutrition. It’s an integral part of how I not only maximize my training, but also how I recover.”  Put the Best In. Bring out the Best.

For Athletes of all ages, Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green.  Everything you need.  Nothing You Don't. 



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