"If the promise holds true, I think this has the chance to change healthcare," Dr. Christoph Westphal tells CBS correspondent Morley Safer.

“Seventeen years ago, 60 Minutes first examined the so-called French paradox, which suggestedthat the French - despite a high fat diet and high consumption of wine - had a remarkably low incidence of heart disease, compared with Americans. Most researchers agreed that there was something in the wine that offered protection, and a few years later, even the highly cautious federal dietary guidelines say that moderate consumption of red wine can be beneficial.

Vivix Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic New 30 day BottleNow, scientists across the country have identified a substance in red wine called Resveratrol that they believe might do more thanjust protect the heart, but could - in very high concentrations - significantly extend life by preventing a number of age related illnesses. If they're right, we all may soon be taking a pill that could give us an extra decade or two of healthy old age.” From CBS 60 Minutes, aired 1/25/09 Interview between Dr. Christoph Westphal & Dr. David Sinclair with correspondent Morley Safer

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