3 Success Stories:  Shaklee's Vivix Liquid Dietary Supplement & MS. 

In all 3 cases, the MS has reacted favorably to the Vivix with the MS sufferer gaining energy along with a better quality of life! With a 100% Money Back Guarantee, trying Vivix is a Win-Win for all users.  Use this link to find out more!

Shaklee Vivix Liquid Dietary Supplement1.  MS SUCCESS STORY WITH VIVIX
"I have had MS since 2001 (diagnosed) and much before that. I stopped taking (against doctors advice, go figure) as I was tired of being tired of the drugs given to me to help. I don't know that they helped.

So I was looking for a natural way to control my MS. Along comes Shaklee, and at last a fix for me. I was taking Shaklee Vitalizer and a few other Shaklee supplements and my MS was without any worse symptoms. Then since
taking Vivix, with all that I was taking before, I was walking better. Then after about 3 to 4 months, I felt weird like I had not felt in a long time, but it was like I could maybe run. Something I had not been able to do AT ALL over the last 10 years.

So I ran, ok, it was not fast (like learning to walk again) but I was able to run without falling or tripping. Quite a improvement. All I can say is, my stamina is very much improved. I still feel as my ability to run is getting better all the time.

So, for me, the Vivix is a solution short of a miracle for me. I would say to anyone, with any muscle or nerve problem from a disease, they should try Vivix, and don't expect a "fix" in one months supply, but within 6 months and you don't see any improvement, then I would say it might not help. Just wanted to share my situation and my improvements since starting with Vivix."*

Vivix and Mitochondria2.  Amazing Results for my MS
"I have MS and VIVIX has worked amazing for me. I have much more energy**, which is better than before I was taking Vivix. Vivix could really help others. At least it sure has in my case."*

**Shown in a laboratory study, Vivix increases energy production at the cellular level, which declines as we age. (A laboratory study at a leading university showed that key ingredients in Vivix significantly increased mitochondria- the cellular power plants that produce energy.)

3.  VIVIX UPDATE FOR MY MSHere’s an update on the VIVIX. After I was taking Vivix for a while, I noticed that even when there were times that my MS should have tried to flare up because of things going on in my life, it didn’t! It’s AWESOME for MS!*


Certifying Purity of Shaklee ProductsVivix is great for me, personally!  I use it daily and have more energy, less arthritis than when I started taking Vivix, better blood pressure and more!  Give Vivix a try.  Elise

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