This is a letter from Shaklee CEO, Roger Barnett, expressing our collective sadness at the loss of Dr Wangari Maathai, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Founder of the Green Belt Movement, Honorary Shaklee Master Coordinator and Global Ambassador for Shaklee's "A Million Trees. A Million Dreams™" campaign.

Dear Shaklee Family,

Today, the world mourns the loss of a great woman, and a true friend. Dr. Wangari Muta Maathai was a tireless pioneer and advocate for freedom, self-sustenance, and for what she called our "beautiful blue planet." She was also a remarkable woman, a dedicated mother and grandmother, and a beloved member of our Shaklee family.

Dr Wangari Muta MaathaiIn each generation, there are a few who live their life with such passion, determination, and inspiration, that they make a lasting impact on millions of people. Wangari was such a person. She was the first woman from Central and East Africa to earn a doctorate degree and then became the first person to win a Nobel Peace Prize for the environment. Wangari did so by providing over a million people with the ability to earn an income by planting trees - and through her example and theirs, inspired the rest of the world to follow.

It is difficult to express what Wangari Maathai has meant to me personally. It has been a privilege to know her. What I will remember most about her is her wonderful smile that would light up the darkest of days. And her gentle, but never-take-no for an answer, constant advocacy to rise up and do more for people and our plan
Planting Shaklee's Millionth Tree with Rogeret. I will miss her deeply, but I know that her memory will remain vivid and strong for all of us. We will continue her legacy that each of us can make a difference, that we can be the hummingbird in the forest who does what we can. And through the collective force and power of all 1.2 million members of the Shaklee Family, we too can make a difference that will last for generations.

Our prayers and heartfelt sympathy go to Wangari’s children Wanjira, Waweru, and Muta and to her granddaughter, Ruth Wangari. We offer them our love and support, and the certain knowledge that their mother’s work endures in all that we do.

Warmest regards,

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans have high Cholesterol? Did you know that high cholesterol can affect anyone at any age? Did you know that high cholesterol can have negative affects on heart health and cardiovascular function over time? Did you know that a 10% reduction of LDL ("bad") cholesterol is equivalent to a 10-20% decrease in the risk of heart disease? Did you know that eating such foods as pizza, steak or hamburgers on a regular basis may increase your chances for developing high cholesterol?

Did you know that men tend to have higher cholesterol than pre-menopausal women? Did you know that the National Institutes of Health recommendation for lowering cholesterol is eating less saturated fat and cholesterol, exercise, weight loss, eat more soluable fiber and consume 2,000 mg of plant sterols and stanols daily?

Did you know that Shaklee now has a natural supplement that provides the 2,000 mg of plant sterols and stanols? Shaklee Cholesterol Reduction Complex is a proprietary formulation with clinically proven ingredients that help prevent the absorption of cholesterol and lower LDL cholesterol. Plant sterols and stanols have been clinically proven by more than 80 studies to lower LDL cholesterol. Shaklee's Cholesterol Reduction Complex delivers 100% of the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) recommendation for plant sterols and stanols which is 2,000 mg in two easy to take tablets. Shaklee's Cholesterol Reduction Complex is made with a powerful blend of sterols and stanols which are found naturally in plants, fruits, vegetables and grains.

So how, exactly, do plant sterols and stanols work? 1. Plant sterols and stanols are ingested from food or supplements. 2. Because they are structurally similar to cholesterol, plant sterols and stanols compete for absorption in the intestines. 3. Plant sterols and stanols bind to receptors in the intestines, leaving cholesterol behind. 4. The net result is that less cholesterol is absorbed by the body, and less ends up in the bloodstream.

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Stay Well, Elise

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From Cindy Latham, Shaklee's Vice President of  Marketing, in a facebook post  on March 5, 2010, said "I can't end the week, without commenting about Omega3 in the news. There was a lawsuit filed against a number of brands (not Shaklee) that raised some concerns, brands that used cod liver oil. There are NO safety issues Shaklee's OmegaGuard. We use pharmaceutical grade fish oil, we use a molecular distillation process to remove contaminants like dioxings, mercury and PCB's (polychlorinated biphenyls).
Shaklee's fish oil comes from highly purified whole fish --not from the liver of cod or shark (which the brands in the lawsuit used) which tend to accumulate these harmful compounds. Shaklee helped create a monograph to establish the standard for quality and purity, including defining the limits for contaminants including dioxin, PCB's, lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium. Yeah !!"

Shaklee OmegaGuard is made with a state-of-the-art, proprietary, Triple Molecular Distillation Process, that concentrates the Shaklee OmegaGuardnatural beneficial omega-3 fatty acids while helping remove the harmful compounds.  Triple Distilled Means Superior Formulation:  1. Helps remove impurities and contaminants such as lead, mercury, arsenic,cadmium, dioxins,and PCBs that are often found in fish and fish oils 2. Prevents the formation of dangerous trans fats for a healthier fish oil   3. Minimizes odor and fishy aftertaste.

Shaklee OmegaGuard contains a full spectrum of seven naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids EPA, DHA, ALA, and more. It also contains higher levels of EPA and DHA than leading brands. DHA is critical for brain development and function.  Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Research shows that high levels of omega-3 fatty acids promote cardiovascular health and help retain normal blood pressure and triglyceride levels.*

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Shaklee Corporation's CEO Roger Barnett, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dr Wangari Maathai from Kenya, planted Shaklee's One Millionth Tree today at Shaklee Corp. Headquarters in Pleasanton CA. Shaklee’s One Million Trees, One Million Dreams program has planted enough trees to fill Disneyland 18 times, stated Governor Schwarzenegger.  Think of all the people who participated in this program, the lives that have been affected by this program in the past 3 years.   Governor Schwarzenegger had praise for Shaklee Natural Supplements since he has known the value of Shaklee Supplements, vitamins, minerals and protein from his body building days!

Roger Barnett stated that in using Shaklee’s Green Eco Friendly super concentrated cleaners, we have saved enough plastic bottles from going to the landfills to go around the earth more 19 times in the past 3 years alone.  Shaklee has been green since it was started in 1956 by Dr. Forest Shaklee.  Shaklee is about make people and planet healthier.  Shaklee is the first company in the world to be Certified Climate Neutral by totally offsetting its carbon footprint.

 “You can flourish and do well by doing good at the same time”, according to Roger Barnett.  He announced a new campaign to provide an economic opportunity for One Million Americans to become Eco-Entrepreneurs with Shaklee.  Shaklee is waiving the entire cost of joining Shaklee for the next 30 days(till mid-May 2009) to help create an income opportunity for One Million People this year, said Barnett.  So you can start a Green Business by sharing green and natural and healthy products with friends and family.  Dr Shaklee once said that Shaklee might be the last opportunity for the little person to build a business without a lot of money.

Dr. Maathai has been instrumental planting 30 million trees in her home country of Kenya to deal with the de-forestation of the countryside.  Her plan not only re-plants much needed trees it also employs women in need of jobs!   Dr. Maathai is working with the UN to plant One Billion Trees in the world!  She suggests that each individual plant 10(ten) trees in their lifetime.  So if you have not planted a tree, now is the time to get started.  Dr. Maathai was awarded Shaklee’s First Eco-Entrepreneur of the Year for 2009.


Over the past several years, the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau has commissioned The Lewin Group, a highly-respected health care and human services consulting firm,  to conduct a series of "Health Impact Studies" relating to potential health care cost savings from the use of dietary supplements. 

These studies examined the results of existing scientific research on selected supplements to calculate their health benefits, then applied this information to current health care statistics, determining how much money could be saved with a lower incidence of diseases and ailments that could be avoided through the use of the select dietary supplements.  The results of these studies were very encouraging, showing that for several of the supplements tested, billions of dollars could be saved over a five year period.

 The first Health Impact Study examined five supplements: Calcium (with vitamin D), Folic Acid, Omega-3 fatty acids, Glucosamine and Saw Palmetto.

The results were staggering: the reduction of hip fractures through calcium intake alone could save the health care industry approximately $13.9 billion through a reduction in hospital, nursing facility and physician expenditures.  Folic Acid intake for sufferers of neural tube defects (NTD) over five years could save approximately $1.3 billion in lifetime costs.  Research on the other supplements was similarly promising.

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Hurricane season is here!   And are you prepared?  Just what does “prepared” mean when we talk about hurricanes and other severe weather during the summer and early fall?   Can we truly prepare for a disaster?  Well, yes we can and it is that preparation that often makes a difference in how we survive the storm and then cope the following days.

Severe storms come in different forms all over the world.  From Hurricanes to Tornadoes to Severe Thunder Storms to Ice Storms and Blizzards, severe weather affects everyone at some time in the year. And let us not forget wild fires and forest fires along with earthquakes.  All of these are catalysts for changes in our behavior and lifestyle for a few days to months.  How well you are prepared for these changes ahead of time affects how well you manage after the event.

Every Severe Weather Event is different.  Having been through 4 Hurricanes in a row, each 3 weeks apart, in 2004, I can tell you from experience that each storm was very different.  Starting with Charley, who banged on my home with 100+ MPH winds for over 30 minutes and dumped more rain than I can imagine in the two days of him being around the state.  Each storm hit from a different direction, bring winds at different speeds and angles, hitting the house.  Rain came in at unusual places, like down drainpipes and air vents.

Greener shopping habits can have positive effects on you, your diet and the environment too!  Simple modifications in how you shop will create greener options for your future. 


**Use a Shopping List– Keep a list on the refrigerator so you can jot down the things you need as you empty a container.  Then, before you go shopping, make an inventory of everything you need for preparing healthy meals at home for the week.  Once you have a plan for your meals your list will keep you on track in the store, eliminating impulse buying and keeping you on your healthy eating focus.  And you will eliminate excess trips to the store! 

**Be a "Bag-Lady"– Since plastic bags are getting hard to find in some areas and paper bags cost us trees, think canvas!  Make a canvas bag yourself and decorate with your favorite logos, teams, or whatever you enjoy.  A great way to get the kids involved too!  Don't sew, that's ok since most grocery stores make them available for purchase near the checkout stand.  The canvas bags are also sold online.  Be creative, supportive or just practical!

**Give Up the Bottle! – Americans buy billions of plastic water bottles every year, and every year those same billions of empty bottles get thrown in the trash. Break the habit and use a neoprene bottle or metal travel cup instead.