Fundraising PartnershipFundraising is not as easy as it once was. The supporters who used to easily reach for their checkbook are being more cautious now. Some are not making donations at all, others are making smaller donations. But as donations falter, need is increasing. The services offered by so many charities and organizations are needed now more than ever.

So what can you do to create more cash flow for your organization while not taking all your staff's time fundraising? Wouldn't it be pleasant to be able to focus on your programs without having to be concerned with money, or the lack of it?

Shaklee has introduced a new program that is a partnership with me, Shaklee and your organization. It uses the simple concept that people will change brands to support their favorite charity. Marketing research has shown that 85% to 90% of supporters will change brands to support their cause.  Market research case studies regularly report that between 85% to 90% of Americans would switch brands to support a particular cause.  Average household spends $100+ monthly or $1200+ Yearly.

According to Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett, “At Shaklee, we care about the world we live in and we want to offer products that are always safe, always work, and are always green. We believe that if we join forces with local organizations, we can make a real impact on their fundraising efforts and increase the value of their services to their communities.”

If you are ready to think outside the Box, watch the video on the right, then email me to set up a time to talk about how we can work together to provide a sustainable cash flow by using sustainable green products from Shaklee!  I am at your service!

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