Residual Income is your key to control of your life. It is the way to begin to dream again. It leverages your work over time, work a few hours or more a week over time helping others and reap the rewards for many years to come.  It is working smart.  You are trading a few hours or more of work each week for years of rewards.  Your income is based not only on your efforts but also on the efforts of those you help!

Residual Income is:  The way to get out of debt.  The way to put your children through college.  The way to purchase that trip you have always wanted to share with your spouse.  The way to have time freedom so you can do whatever it is you are meant to do. Residual income is the way to control your life and live the financially secure life you desire.

If you don't have residual income, you need investments.  Dividends are a great way to secure your financial future.  However, those dividends often fluctuate with the economy.  And how then, how much money would you need to have invested to get the dividend you desire.

Did you know that if you need to have $4,000 a month in dividends earned to help with your mortgage or other obligations, you would need $1,200,000 in an interest bearing account at 4% interest. Do you have $1,200,000 in investments now?  Close? 

Take a look at this chart of dividends earned on investments at 4% interest. 

Investment                   Dividend Per Month

$60,000                            $200

$120,000                          $400

$240,000                          $800

$300,000                          $1,000

$600,000                          $2,000

$1,200,000                       $4,000

Now that is a lot of money sitting in an account earning 4% interest to get a dividend of $4,000 per month to sustain your lifestyle or put your child through college or help your parents during an illness.  Do you have $1.2MILLION sitting in an account earning that much interest?  Me neither, but I have something better.  I have residual income with my Shaklee Business!

Each month I receive compensation from Shaklee Corporation for the products that I have shared with others during the course of my distributorship with Shaklee.  The average Shaklee customer buys products for over 14 years!  Now that is customer loyalty.

So you and I don't need to have $1.2Million in investments to be able to have an income of $4,000 a month!   Join me in my Shaklee business and Dream again!Here is how!



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