There are many reasons to own your own home based business.  Hours are your own, you can do the carpet commute, work in your pj's, save on gas and auto wear & tear, sleep late, work late, and so much more.

But these are just the personal perks on owning a home based business.  When it comes to the real money issues, there are major advantages.  Talk to your tax adviser about the deductions that you can enjoy while working your home based Shaklee business.  Since the tax code is more pages than I want to read, I get professional advise on what I can deduct each year.

But normally you can reasonably deduct a percentage of your mileage, advertising expenses, sample costs, education/seminars, cell phone, internet, office supplies and much more. 

Since there are over 130 deduction categories, seek help and keep some of that hard earned money!  The deductions are there to help you keep some of that profit. These deductions are not available to individuals without a business.

So find a good tax adviser and follow their advise as you set up your office, work your Shaklee business around the world and make money! 

I love working from home.  I can set my own hours, work early on the computer, work late, write when the inspiration hits and plan my days more efficiently.  With the economy the way it is now, working from home most days and having efficient "town" days makes sense to me even more.  When I do go out, the day is full of appointments, networking events and such.  Each day offers a new opportunity to network on the internet to tell my Shaklee story!  Join me.



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