Having your own home-based business is a wonderful solution for so many Mothers.  Having been a stay-at-home Mom myself, having a home-based business was the best way for me to be with my daughter while allowing me to bring serious income into the family budget.  Time freedom and flexibility along with discounts on products that I use daily were strong draws for me initially.

As times changed, the face of business changed along with my needs.  My daughter grew up as the industry advanced.  Now I am working for my future retirement.  Not that I will ever retire!   With the ease of having an online store where customers shop at their convenience with Shaklee handling order fullfillment and shipping along with any customer service calls, what could be easier?!

Shaklee, my business partner,has proven that their payment plan is one of the strongest (and I believe it is the strongest) in the industry.  Residual Income is another plus that some of the other home-based businesses don't really have.  Shaklee keeps on paying you as long as your customers and you purchase producs.  And Shaklee pays to infinity, no matter how many levels of business you have, so the future residual income can make a huge difference for me and my family.

Pink Beach UmbrellaImagine being able to take time for a long end of summer vacation with the kids before school starts and still have income coming in. 

Imagine being able to spend time with your family at the holidays and not have to make plans around a typical 9-to-5 job's scheduling. 

Imagine being able to help out your favorite charity with more than just a small donation each year, now you can actually be more involved since you are not tied to a desk. 

Imagine all the possibilities of your life and that of your family when you change the way you do things.

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Imagine a new future with Shaklee!

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