45 Minutes a Day, 4 to 5 Days a Week can change your life Now and in your Future!

Recently I heard a tax consultant suggest that having a home office was a great way to add some additional tax deductions. He said that you had to show that you worked in that office at least 45 minutes, 4 to 5 days a week. Simple enough.

But it got to to thinking about all the people who tell me they are "too busy" to have a Shaklee business. Too busy watching TV rather than pursuing their dreams, they would rather watch other folks live out their dreams in fictional TV shows than spend an hour or so each night working for their own dreams!

So ask yourself: Are you willing to give up one TV show each evening for financial freedom?

Are you willing to give up one TV show each evening for time freedom in the near future?

Are you willing to give up one TV show each evening to help someone else realize their dreams and goals?

Are you willing to give up one TV show each evening to help someone else have a better quality of life?

One TV show is 45 minutes to an 1 hour each day for 4 to 5 days. There will always be opportunities through which businessmen and women can profit handsomely if they will only recognize and seize them... J. Paul Getty

This is about your opportunity to start, own and operate your own business! Building a Financial safety net. Robert Kiyosaki says "Rich people look for and build networks everyone else just looks for work!" author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad".

Do you see yourself as an employee or self-employed? Or do you see yourself as a Business Owner or Investor? In Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow Quadrant, he says that 10% of the money is on the left side of the quadrant with the Employees & Self Employed where 90% of the people are. The other side, the right side of the quadrant, has 90% of the money with only 10% of the people.

Now I don't know about you, but I am willing to spend an hour a day, 4 to 5 days a week, to be able to move into the right quadrant with the Business Owners & Investors. I have traded time for money, a regular J-O-B, with small companies on up to Walt Disney World. Nowhere along the way, was I able to ever see the opportunity to move to the right side of the quadrant by trading time for money. Just was not going to happen. Being "Just Over Broke" with my J- O-B, was the way it was, with no opportunity to leverage my time and that of others to benefit myself and others. The companies were benefited by my time, but I saw no long term opportunities to flourish.

Even when I owned an Art Gallery and Custom Frame Shop, I was still on the left side of the quadrant. I was still swapping time for money! There was no way to leverage the time of others to benefit my future. Oh, I had a few part time employees, but the expense of trying to duplicate the shop was too much to see a return on investment great enough to take me to the right side of the quadrant. To make that move, I had to find something that would let me leverage my time and that of others.

Bill Gates, "A wealthy person has the ability to see the obvious before everyone else does." Seeing the obvious is not always easy, especially since we are not taught to see the right side of the quadrant. We are taught to be happy on the left side, thinking that the few who do have financial & time freedom are a rare breed and we are not one of them. Little did I know early in my career, that making the move from the left to the right side meant a shift in not only my thinking, but also the business model I chose!

My search throughout the years has been for not only a product(s) that people use on a daily basis, but also a company that had in place the values I want to represent, the process that makes it easy to not only be a distributor but especially to be a customer/consumer, and even more important the proof that the products and processes of the business work.

Roger Barnett, Chairman & CEO Shaklee CorpSee my "The 5 P's of Shaklee" for more information about the Shaklee Products, Proof, Process, Partner and Pay! With the Products, the Proof that those products do what they say they will do, the easy process to be a customer as well as a distributor, the multi-Billionaire Business Partner Roger Barnett, CEO and Chairman of Shaklee Corporation, and the fabulous Pay plan that Roger has implemented, Shaklee is the right company for me.

Shaklee Logo Now ask yourself, where you want to be on Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow Quadrant? Are you willing to give up an hour or so each day of TV and work on moving yourself and your familyto the right side of the Cash Flow Quadrant? Are you willing to work now for future rewards that are amazing? Are you willing to help others do the same for their families?

By doing good in Shaklee we do well! Join me and my team. We are bursting to help others find their dreams. 



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