Thinking Outside the Heart Shaped Box
Well, as you know, it is almost time for Valentine's Day! And that usually means presents for those Entwined Heartsyou love. However, our normal presents at Valentine's Day are not really "loving" gifts if we think about it!

Our gifts are usually boxes of candy, big thick boxes of candy. Now don't get me wrong, I like candy just as much as the next person.  However,  I don't want nor need grand amounts of inflammation causing, sugar laden goodies.  I and my friends, prefer gifts that include a small bit of luscious chocolate while the remainder are healthy, fun and focused on the future.


Now is the time to Think Outside the Heart Shaped Box! So how do we find such tokens of care for those you love? Here are several tips to get your journey started!  Use the links in this article to find some absolutely amazing products from Shaklee that I am confident to recommend to unlock a winning gift selection for you.  They are all guaranteed to improve your life or get your money back!

1. Concert tickets to a local symphony. Support your local events and give a great gift at the same time.

2. Plant a garden or special tree in your yard to commemorate the day. As the plants grow and bloom each year, you will have a constant reminder of your special bond. Of course if you live further north and the ground is frozen, a gift certificate from the local Garden Shop along with a beautiful indoor plant would be a great gift.

3. Spa Days are popular with most folks since it allows for special "me" time. Most Spas have Couples' options, so book a day or weekend at a special time for you both to have "you" time!

4. Charitable donations make an impact for others and show you care about your loved one!  As you make these donations, think about scheduling time for the two of you to work together on a local project new home, rebuild or garden refurbishment.  Special time together for a special cause.

5.  For him, give him tickets to his favorite sporting event or a piece of sports equipment for his game of choice.  Gift certificates work well here since purchasing golf clubs can be tricky!  You could schedule tennis court time or book tee time at his favorite course.  

6.  For the Sports Enthusiast, give them products that support their chosen sports activity.  New equipment for their sport, new athletic wear appropriate for their sport, Natural Hydrating and Muscle Recovery Products.

7.  Lessons are a great option.  Dance Lessons for the two of you would be very romantic!  Or golf lessons, tennis or some other sport.  Cooking lessons have gotten to be very popular for both men and women.

8.  Luscious Lotions for Pampering Giving gifts of Natural & Organic Shower Gels, Spa Shea Butter, Hand & Body Lotion can say you really care.  Pampering every day!

For Valentine’s Day, create a special day of time together.  If the weather is good, go for a walk together.  Plan a picnic or other outdoor event.  Skating, skiing, snowboarding, tennis, a walk on the beach, a run in the park, a hike in the woods, your choice!  Plan to cook a special meal to support your continuing successful weight management program and enjoy the meal together.  

Love is about spending time together, enjoying your successes and finding new things you both like.  Celebrate in new and special ways, Thinking Outside the Heart Shaped Box!   Use the links in this article to find some amazing products from Shaklee that I am confident to recommend.  They are all guaranteed to please or get your money back! So look around your area for ways to say "I Love You!" without having to resort to the cliched Heart Shaped Box! Good Luck! And Happy Valentine's Day!



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