The children have left their toys behind and are heading off to College soon!  College life has many challenges for the Freshman student as well as for the higher grades.  Stress of class work, influences of newly found freedom, bills to be paid, jobs to be worked, studying to be squeezed in between the rest of life!  I remember those days well and wish I had been better prepared.

So as your bright, eager student heads off to a new experience, pack their dorm room or apartment with the essentials for a Healthier Life!  Hopefully you have trained them already to eat somewhat "good" food and stay away from as much junk food as possible.  Check out this article from the UK on the perils of eating McDonald's for 10 Straight Days!  Tom, a 23 year old college student, participated in the experiment and the results are telling.  That diet destroyed the good bacteria in Tom's gut and replaced it with bad bacteria!  And a healthy gut leads to a healthy brain and body.


Your Student will need some quick, healthy and tasty meal alternatives on those busy days.  So pack them boxes of Shaklee 180 Meal-in-a-Bars along with the peanut butter and jelly.  They will appreciate the fresh flavors, easy of carry and how good they feel after consuming a Meal Bar!  3 different flavors to temp even the pickiest of students.   

And don't forget the guilt free snacks!  Loaded with protein, fiber, flavor and crunch!  The Crisps have 100 calories and 6 grams of protein, low glycemic and gluten free as well.  

Check out the Shaklee Life Energizing Shake as well.  Now in non-soy plant based formula as well as soy formula. The delicious Shaklee Life Shake contains nutrients clinically proven to help create the foundation for a longer, healthier life.  Designed to:  Increase energy.   Help you achieve a healthier weight.   Provide digestive and immune support
Live younger, longer
24 grams† of protein, including 16 grams of ultra-pure proprietary, plant-based, non-GMO protein
with precise ratios of all 9 essential amino acids, for perfect protein delivery and absorption
Added leucine to help preserve lean muscle and achieve a healthier weight
Powerful patent-pending combination of prebiotics and one billion CFU of patent pending probiotics
to support digestive and immune health
Omega-3 (ALA), an essential fatty acid that supports heart and brain health
Gluten-free, lactose free, low glycemic, kosher, and no artificial, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives

Yummy flavors that can be mixed with fruit, peanut butter, vegetables and flavorings to make a filling, healthy breakfast or dinner. 




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