Buy Locally Grown Produce– Buying locally grown foods at a farmer's market gives you fresh vegetables and fruits grown in your area, in season.  Soups, salads and casseroles will brim with the variety of fruits and vegetables that are offered locally.  Buying locally also helps to cuts down on the environmental costs associated with transporting produce to your community from great distances, plus the produce is so fresh! Wow, veggies never tasted so good.

Try Out A New Hobby,  become a Mini- Farmer – Start your own vegetable garden.  A small corner of your yard can produce your favorite vegetables and give you a new hobby! If space is limited, start small with a planter box, nutrient rich soil, and a few seeds of your favorite vegetable.  Good food and good exercise, plus bragging rights!

Cook Quick and Clean Easy– Eat fresh foods fresh.  Cook quickly and lightly to keep the nutrients intact and save energy too. Cooking a lot of servings at one time saves time and energy too. Store left-overs for later meals.  For clean up, run the dishwasher only when it is full, using a biodegradable detergent.  Use a full basin of water (no running water) and a biodegradable dish detergent if you only have a few dishes to wash.  Small steps make big changes for you, your budget and the environment. 

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