Summer is drawing to a close and soon those School Bells will be ringing.  As you start to make yourlists of school supplies, take time to add those things that will keep you and your family healthy and ready to meet the challenges of the school year.  Get rid of the stress and relax!  It is going to be a great year.

Brain Boosters: Shakleekids™ Mighty Smart™   The Smart Choice

Supertasty and supersafe, Shakleekids Mighty Smart is scientifically formulated with a power-packed blast of 100% natural, ultra-pure DHA. DHA is the most abundant omega 3 fatty acid in the brain and eyes and each great-tasting chew provides 100 mg.

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Concerns about the safety of fish consumption coupled with inadequacy dietary intakes suggest that most children would benefit from taking a high-quality dietary supplement that uses a pharmaceutical-grade, highly purified fish oil to deliver omega-3 fatty acids, including plenty of DHA to support the proper development and function of the brain and eyes.

Shakleekids™ Incredivites™ Multivitamin/Multimineral Supernutrition for Superkids

Shakleekids Incredivitesis the first children's chewable multivitamin in the U.S. with lactoferrin, which helps kids' immune systems stay supercharged.* Packed with 23 essential nutrients, it's the world's best kids' supplement-with 600 IU of vitamin D to support strong bones and teeth, and 100% of the Daily Value of all eight B vitamins and vitamin C. Just two a day and off they play. Now that's incredible!

Contains lactoferrin, a nutrient also found naturally in breast milk and researched for its role in activating components of the immune system*.  *  Packed with 600 IU of vitamin D per serving for strong bones and teeth.  *  Provides 100% of the Daily Value of vitamin C, as well as all eight B vitamins, which are essential for a child's development and the function of major bodily processes.  *  No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added.  *  Naturally sweetened with xylitol, which does not promote cavities.  *  Gluten free.  *  All-natural tropical punch, grape, and berry flavors.

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Shaklee Meal Shakes® Fast Food, No Guilt

With their on-the-go lives, kids don't always have time for a sit-down meal. That's why they need fast food options that are also good for them — choices like low-fat, low-glycemic Shaklee® Meal Shakes.

These great-tasting, easy-to-mix drinks pack extra nutrition into any meal or snack. They provide 19 essential vitamins and minerals, and they’re a rich source of calcium and an excellent source of protein — the fundamental nutrients that growing kids and teens need to stay strong and healthy. A non-soy protein choice, low glycemic. Meal Shakes® in Bavarian Cocoa and French Vanilla.  For more information on all Shaklee Shake options and to purchase, use this safe link.

To keep allergies at bay and school clothes clean and sparkling,Shaklee's Get Clean®  products have everything you need for afresh, clean non-toxic environment.  We believe that home should be the safest place in the world.

Get Clean® Healthy Home Pack   Contains a selection of our most popular products. Start making your home cleaner for your family and the planet with cleaning choices that are SAFE, POWERFUL, GREEN, and SMART.

Get Clean is a safe alternative to traditional household cleaning products.

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